Step Into Safety – using VR as a tool to prevent accidents in the construction industry.

Welcome to a talk that shows the power of VR to start and develop a long-term behavioral change. For companies like Skanska, the fifth largest construction company in the world, helping their workers being more aware of unseen risks and avoiding danger is of utmost importance. In this talk Tania Sjöberg, Project Manager and behaviour …


When remote is the new normal- what’s next?

Hi there Billy Josefsson, Manager Automation & Human Performance at LFV, you are one of the speakers at Visual Forum! Your caption is “when remote is the new normal – what’s next?” What will you talk about? – I will start to talk about today’s supervision and management of air and ground traffic at regional airports, …


How to get a Human Centric perspective of a Digital Twin

Are you curious about how you can use the digital twin as a tool to virtually build, test and experience products and environments before they are physically built. At ESI we are bringing it to the next level, combining Digital and Virtual Twin, what we call a Hybrid Twin™. Listen to Jonas Fredriksson at Visual …


How can AI and humans enhance the digital twin?

Anders Ynnerman, director of Sweden’s largest research program WASP and world leading professor in scientific visualization, will be opening Visual Forum together with Beata Wickbom on the 30th of September. Anders will share his latest insights about augmentation of a digital twin, i.e. how AI and humans can enhance the digital twin. We had a …


ESI Group becomes one of the main partners of Visual Forum

We can now present another main partner for VIsual Forum 2020. We welcome ESI Group to this webinar, where they will also participate as one of the speakers. – ESI is a partner with Visual Arena in Gothenburg and we see this as a long-term collaboration and partnership in being a for runner within Visualization …


Digital Twins will revolutionize urban development

Digital Twins are digital replicas of physical things. They help to make better-informed decisions, lowering costs and the chances of failing in the real world. Recent advances in technology have already enabled the creation of digital twins of cars or airplanes that can now be modelled, simulated and optimised before they even leave the drafting …


Innovation for a sustainable society

We are pleased to present another speaker to the Visual Forum. Karin Ackerholm works as an innovation advisor at Linköping University, where she supports both researchers and students to further develop and utilize their knowledge as products, services and companies. What would you say is the potential of visualization and simulation to you? What will …


Visual Forum presents two main partners

Norrköping Science Park and Linköping Science Park will be the main partners of Visual Forum, which will be held on September 30th. The event is arranged by the visualization cluster Visual Sweden in Östergötland and Visual Arena in Lindholmen Science Park, Gothenburg. – Linköping Science Park is part of Visual Forum to help highlight the …

NotisBild på Johan Gunnarsson

The next generation of digitized mine

Combitechs CTO, Johan Gunnarsson, will present ”How models, simulation and visualization are used to develop the next generation of digitized mine”. Remember to register for free and participate on the digital conference ”Visual Forum”. Read more about the project: Sustainible Underground Mining at Combitechs webbsite.