We are pleased to present another speaker to the Visual Forum. Karin Ackerholm works as an innovation advisor at Linköping University, where she supports both researchers and students to further develop and utilize their knowledge as products, services and companies.

What would you say is the potential of visualization and simulation to you? What will you talk about?

– A lot of the power of these techniques lies in using them to address the most pressing issues we are facing, in specific domains and in society as a whole. The promise of what can be done needs to be translated into delivering actual value by making data insightful and actionable, strengthening and extending current abilities through human-machine collaboration. With the challenges facing us from an environmental and social standpoint, there is much to be done and a lot of opportunity to use these powerful tools and techniques to really make a difference. 

What are your thoughts and expectations at Visual Forum?

– Many years supporting entrepreneurial efforts from a scientific starting point has taught me that combinatorial insight and moving in the intersection of different fields of knowledge is a tremendous breeding ground for innovation. I expect to hear groundbreaking examples of pairing deep knowledge in a domain of application with technologies to extract and package insight in a format that allows for exploration and use. It will be exciting to learn about novel ideas on what problems to solve for whom using visualization and simulation, and to discuss potential initiatives for innovation with new contacts.

Karin Ackerholm is an Innovation Adviser at Linköping University since 2012 and has helped a vast amount of entrepreneurial ventures start their idea journey, often connected to digital technology. Previously she as a background as a designer and strategist working with digital applications that give value and actionable insight in different industries. She is a member of the steering committee of Swedish Network for Innovation and Technology Transfer Support (SNITTS). Since a number of years, Karin has been pushing for using innovation to drive positive societal development from a social, environmental and economical perspective. 

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