What is digital twin for you? What will you talk about?

– Digital twins for me are tools and methods you can use to reconstruct and visualize something that is complex and difficult for us to grasp from a huge amount of information like images. It can be a complex crime scene where you need to investigate an event and perhaps visualize what has happened both under and above ground or look for special types of materials like bullets or body fluids.

What are your thoughts and expectations at Visual Forum?

– I work in this sphere because it is so fascinating and as the technology provides further dimensions. We can compile complex information and images from different sources into something that is understandable to us. For example, with heat radiation we can see beyond what we can normally see and translate it into a better picture of the event. The combination of imaging sensors, image analysis, machine learning and visualization make complex events understandable.

Lena Klasén, PhD, is since November 2018 Research Director at the Swedish National Police Authority and since February 2020 Adjunct Professor, Digital Forensics, Linköping University a part of the appointment at the Police. January 2015 to November 2018 she was Director of the Swedish National Forensic Center – NFC (formerly Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science – SKL). She has a PhD in Image Coding at University of Linköping, Sweden and has led industrial- and research organizations in Swedish authorities such as Saab AB, Swedish Defence Research Agency – FOI, Swedish Defence Material Administration – FMV, Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science – SKL and the Implementing Committee of the New Police organization – SoU at the Swedish Ministry of Justice. Lena has held several commissions of trust, e g as board member and expert including being appointed as forensic expert by the US Department of Justice. Her industrial experience includes product portfolio management at Saab and being involved in starting up innovative companies.

Bild på Lena Klasén
Foto: Maria Åsén

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