We invite everyone who is curious about and with interest in digital twins for the society and industry to join us! The areas of application are infinite and Visual Forum will emphasize some of the leading actors within the industry and society – all with different exciting visions and insights. Beata Wickbom, host at Visual Forum, says

–  When a conference becomes digital and more accessible, I see it as a great opportunity for more participants to join. Knowledge gets better the more perspectives and experiences we have.

We’ll be streaming live sessions with possibility to ask questions directly to the speaker. Have a sneak peak at the program.

Mingle in VR

But wait, there’s more! You don’t wanna miss the social event in VR directly after lunch. We asked Fredrik Löfgren CEO at Dyno Robotics what benefits a VR-meeting offers. 

– VR-events breaks the digital barrier a video conference has, but without physically meeting each other. You catch benefits such as body language, and can give more direct response with eye contact and emojis. This way you can “meet” people without travelling.  

Fredrik continues

The sound in VR is spatial, you hear the people closest best just like in a physical space. This means that several groups can have parallel discussions in the same environment.

How will this work?

-We’ll invite everyone to join us in a room in AltSpace VR. In there we’ll share some information and you’ll have the possibility to meet other participants and some of the speakers at Visual Forum. The limit is 80 people in the room so don’t miss to register if you want to secure a spot. For those who don’t have access to VR-headsets there’s a possibility to rent headsets.  

We hope to ”see” you on September 30th! Register here: https://sv-se.invajo.com/event/visualswedenvisualarena/visualforum2020.2

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