Hi there Billy Josefsson, Manager Automation & Human Performance at LFV, you are one of the speakers at Visual Forum! Your caption is “when remote is the new normal – what’s next?” What will you talk about?

– I will start to talk about today’s supervision and management of air and ground traffic at regional airports, that is the Air Traffic Services first version of the concept digital twin. This refers to the digitalization of airport services, so called remote TWR services, where sensors and video are used to feed a replica of the out of the “window view”. This digital twin controls one or several airports situated far away.

This digitized information builds a copy that could be evaluated, manipulated and analyzed elsewhere far from the airport. The datasets and models are being used to extrapolate situations to the future and by doing so inform the human operators and other resources on needs. Digitalization also allows for enhanced learning and sharing of data e.g. through visualization.

Ok, so what’s next?

– Most important may be the learning opportunity enabled by machine learning as this learning informs on how to design the automation, the digital assistant (the digital twin). Such a learning environment also allows for looking into the future i.e. how can current situation evolve and what does that mean? It is then easy to follow up on the learning, sharing and cross border services. Integrity (gdpr applied) issues and how we want to start to roll the ball i.e. automatize training, simulation and verification of competence are some of the challenges. Hear more about the challenges and how we tackle them during my presentation.

Bio:  Billy Josefsson, 59 years, the Manager Automation & Human Performance at LFV Research & Innovation and manage some 20+ projects with academic and industry. The newly launched Automation program II involves some 15 researchers and PhDs from Linköping University. Emerging areas within Urban Air Mobility , cybersecurity and safety assessment are next to come. Billy is an Air Traffic Controller since 1982 active in research for Air Traffic Management since 1994 on an European and Global level, chairing various groups and taskforces within Human performance and Safety, Billy also have a background in Psychology and Human Factors. Married with Anna-Lena and three kids we are all more or less devoted to music in all forms.

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