We are pleased to announce that Beata Wickbom, moderator of the year 2019, will lead the Visual Forum september 30th. The conference theme, digital twin in society and industry, will fit Beata very well as she has worked for 25 years in understanding, analyzing and interpreting digital development.

What are your thoughts about Visual Forum?

– All teams, employees and organizations will need to be more curious and exploratory, which must be supported by new ways of working. Digital twins are a way to model and be able to work in a safe, fast way when it comes to just exploring and labeling. As human beings, we can never handle the large amounts of data we need to see the big picture and to see how different efforts affect each other. Therefore, this also becomes a way to work with very large amounts of data in an efficient way, says Beata Wickbom.

– What I always think is good is when it is both inspiring and concrete. Here we get to take in large amounts of information, but then it is about reducing the threshold to start and then continue. Just that we should do something is usually not enough, how should we do it is the next question. Of course, some have worked with this for a long time and have a very good look at digital twins, but just because they are, they are not fully educated.

Why should I attend Visual Forum?

– If we learn more about how to work with digital twins, simulation and testing it is a way to get ahead faster and become more accurate in what you do. It is important to start early. The technology may be a bit cheeky and expensive now, but you are very good at it when it gets more spread out. For example, I started exploring the internet very early in 1995, when it was very hopeless but then I had a big head start when more people started using it. I think it is important to have the knowledge advantage if you work with business or business development and therefore this is a great opportunity, concludes Beata Wickbom.

Now the conference will be in digital format, what do you think about it?

– When a conference becomes digital and more accessible, I see it as a great opportunity for more participants to join. Knowledge gets better the more perspectives and experiences we have.

Greeting from Beata Wickbom

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