Digital Twins are digital replicas of physical things. They help to
make better-informed decisions, lowering costs and the chances of
failing in the real world. Recent advances in technology have already
enabled the creation of digital twins of cars or airplanes that can
now be modelled, simulated and optimised before they even leave the
drafting table.

This progress is about to become reality for something as complex as
whole cities. Digital Twins can simulate and visualize the pulse of
the city in real time with layered data sources of buildings, urban
infrastructure, utilities, businesses, movement of people and
vehicles. Utilising this technology in the right way has enormous
potential for tackling some of the most pressing urban challenges,
such as segregation, flooding, pollution, traffic congestion,
spreading of fire & diseases.

In this talk, Anders Logg will present an overview of our activities at the
Digital Twin Cities Centre, a Vinnova Competence Centre hosted by
Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, including some
preliminary results of city model generation, simulation and

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