Are you curious about how you can use the digital twin as a tool to virtually build, test and experience products and environments before they are physically built. At ESI we are bringing it to the next level, combining Digital and Virtual Twin, what we call a Hybrid Twin™. Listen to Jonas Fredriksson at Visual Forum describing and discussing the benefits of using a digital twin with practical examples.

What is a digital twin to you?

The term Digital Twin is being used to refer to the digital replica of physical assets, derived from real-life data collected using various types of sensors and monitoring technologies of the asset while in operation. It often means that an analytical data-driven model (i.e. the twin) is built to analyze, update, and/or manage the performance of its physical counterpart. It can use a range of tools and advanced algorithms such as Machine Learning, decision making, or even Artificial Intelligence, technologies to analyze and visualize the “Big Data” collected.

How is a hybrid twin different?

In contrast, the Hybrid Twin™ is associated with solutions where an additional, complementary virtual model is built. This supplementary model is necessarily physics-based and describes cause and effect relationships. Using Hybrid Twin™ helps us predict almost any kind of future incident with precision, even in the case of changing parameters (materials variations, operating conditions, etc.). This leads to increased uptime, less environmental impact as we can do Right the First Time.

Jonas is the Managing Director of Northern Europe at ESI Group. He has been responsible for leadingorganizations and business development within global leading PLM/CAE companies. His passion is helping organizations with digital transformation towards Virtual Development and Virtual Twins enabling shorten time to market, reduce development time & cost and to reduce the environmental impact. Jonas has a background within Manufacturing Engineering and holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Linköping University, Sweden.

Main partners to Visual Forum

ESI is a partner with Visual Arena in Gothenburg and we see this as a long-term collaboration and partnership in being a for runner within Visualization and Hybrid Twins™. Visual Forum is a good arena for us to be visible, interact with peers and get inspired by other actors in the field. It’s important for us to stay updated with future trends and understand the industries needs and challenges within this field.

Photo: Courtesy of Daimler

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