After lunch on the 30th of September Visual forum together with Dyno robotics will host a mingle in virtual reality! This will give you the opportunity to meet other participants and some of the speakers at Visual Forum. Here you’ll be given the opportunity to exchange contacts, ask questions and further discuss digital twins. 

VR-mingle – enhance the meeting without physically meeting

Enjoy the chance to make new friends at the VR-mingle! It will start with a brief introduction to the environment and guidelines on how to move, interact and other possibilities. The mingle will take place in AltSpaceVR, so please create an account there before 30th of September. The limit in the room is 80 people so don’t miss to register if you want to secure a spot.

Rental of headsets

Dyno Robotics offers VR headsets (Oculus Quest) for rent. They are available for pickup between 24-29th of September and should be returned by the 2nd of October to the same place. Price 1500sek for 1 week rental. The headset comes preinstalled with everything you need to participate in the meeting. You will sign an agreement when you receive the headset where you write your invoice details. The renter is responsible to bring back the headset in the same conditions. 

Pickup and return stations:

  • Coffice, Norrköping Science Park
  • Creactive, Linköping Science Park
  • Visual Arena, Lindholmen Science Park Göteborg

Last day to sign up for rental of a headset is 19th of September.

Connect with your PC

No headset, and no possibility to rent? You can connect to the mingle from your PC, although with a 2D experience. This means you can walk your avatar around in the room, talk and hear through a headset, but miss the body language and 3D-experice. Download AltspaceVR from Microsoft Store or Steam Store and create an account. 

Do you wanna know more about VR-mingling? 

Check out this article with Dyno Robotics CEO Fredrik Löfgren!